Grell Silicone Nail Polish Holder

We've all been there.  You're doing your nails, and somehow you knock into the nail polish bottle just enough to tip it over.  If you're lucky it didn't crash to the floor and break, but either way, you could be in for a really big mess.  With the evolution of "beauty hacks," we all look for ways to improve and make our beauty routine easier, and doing our nails shouldn't be left out.  The Grell silicone nail polish holder is a flexible, wearable holder that keeps your nail polish bottle secure while you do your nails.  You'll never worry about spilling nail polish again!

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How to  |  Before you begin, open the nail polish bottle so you can easily take out the applicator without twisting.  Place the nail polish holder on your fingers from above (you never have to slip it over your nails).  Since it is made of silicone, you'll get a flexible, secure hold.  Place the nail polish bottle in the holder and begin painting your nails.  When you're ready to switch hands, lift the entire silicone holder up, with nail polish bottle in place, and place on opposite hand.  Repeat process until your nails are done.

I found this holder to be pretty straight forward and easy to use.  I would say the only difficulty I had was painting my thumb nails.  I usually angle my hand so it is not flat in order to reach my thumb nails.  Obviously, you can't do that if you are wearing an open nail polish bottle on your hand.  Other than that, I really liked the holder.  I didn't worry about where I was painting my nails as much since I knew the bottle was securely in place.  I normally clear off a surface entirely in case of accidental spills!  I would say this holder is great if you have limited space, tend to knock into your nail polish, or are traveling and need a secure place for doing your nails on the go.

You can find the Grell Silicone Nail Polish Holder on Amazon below!

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