Tempting Treats ft. Wen Spring Honey Lilac Perfume

I was really surprised when I found out WEN by Chaz Dean had perfumes within their line.  Most recognized for their hair products, this brand has come out with some incredibly unique and gorgeous perfumes for different seasons.  For spring, they have introduced Cucumber Basil Tea and Spring Honey Lilac, which is the scent I have.  It is floral, slightly sweet, and has me smelling like spring all day long.

-pr sample-
wen spring honey lilac perfume - the beauty puff

The Style  |  The packaging of this perfume is very sleek, yet sturdy at the same time.  It's quite large with 3.4 oz of product, which will last you quite a while.  Despite the bottle's size, it's easy to hold on to and comes with a cap for the spray nozzle for secure storage.  I wouldn't say this is a travel-friendly size, but with the abundance of travel atomizers out there, you'd have options for on-the-go.

The Scent  |  Oh my goodness.  This is definitely spring in a bottle.  I started gravitating toward floral scents over the last year or so, and this one is absolutely scrumptious.  It's like that first smell of fresh flowers that awakens you after a long gloomy winter.  It's a beautiful balance of floral, sweetness and sophistication.

The Longevity  |  This perfume's intoxicating scent will surround you for hours.  It's by no means over-powering, but the longevity of this formula is amazing.  I find myself smelling it even as I cook dinner at night, I love it!  Just a note - I do not douse myself with perfume.  I spray a couple times on the back of my neck, and once on my wrists.  This formula is just perfection.

Other Products  |  Spring Honey Lilac is a limited edition scent that can be found in other products within WEN's line.  Products include: Cleansing Conditioner, Replenishing Treatment, Treatment Oil, Styling Creme, and Nourishing Mousse.

You can shop the limited edition Spring Honey Lilac scent below:

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