Spring Series ft. Wen

Lately I've been loving Wen's scent in Spring Honey Lilac.  This isn't the only spring-inspired scent from the line, however.  They also have Spring Orange Blossom which smells incredibly light and fresh.  I have the Spring Orange Blossom Treatment Oil and Spring Honey Lilac Styling Cream.  I've been enjoying both of these refreshing scents in my morning beauty routine.

-pr sample-
wen by chaz dean spring - the beauty puff

Treatment Oil  |  This oil is really unique and I don't think I've ever used anything quite like it.  You can use this oil both on your hair as well as on your body as a moisturizer.  The natural oils hydrate and restore your scalp and skin.  The instructions say you can use this oil on dry hair but I have also used it on damp hair.  I use about one dropper full (I have long/thick hair).  It really helps condition and control frizz prior to styling.  While I enjoy using this oil on my hair, I also like that it doubles as a body oil.  When I use it in this way, I use 1-2 droppers of product.  It's moisturizing without leaving a greasy residue so I don't have to wait too long to get dressed after application.  It leaves a light scent on my skin, a fresh mix of citrus and floral, but nothing so over-powering that I can't wear my own fragrance throughout the day.  Natural oils include: Jojoba Seed Oil, Sesame Seed Oil, Abyssinian Oil & Argan Oil

Styling Cream  |  This cream is great multi-purpose hair product.  It provides light hold, protection against frizz and heat, and also keeps hair shiny.  My hair is really soft and fluffy after using this cream.  I apply it to my damp hair, "scrunch" my waves a bit, and let my hair air dry.   It's not sticky and doesn't weigh my hair down so my waves look bouncy and natural.  It's a great "no-fuss" hair product for this time of year!

Key Ingredients

Acai, goji and seaweed extracts | protects and fights fizz
Four Tea Infusion | strengthens and hydrates

Along with the benefits this cream provides my hair, I just love the scent.  I have the matching perfume and love the floral smell for spring and summer.  You can read my feature on the Spring Honey Lilac perfume here.

Shop these and more products from Wen, on their website below!

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