Everyday Essentials ft. Geri G

My new series, Everyday Essentials, is inspired by products you can easily incorporate into your daily routine.  My latest essentials come from Geri G - a natural line of products to help your skin from the inside, out.  From a Transceutical Canvas that maximizes makeup performance and nourishes skin, to a luscious Lip Gloss Creme that conditions and provides pure color for any season, Geri G has all the essentials!

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geri g cosmetics - the beauty puff

Every one of Geri G's products contains her exclusive ingredient, NanoMarine-5.  It is a blend of all organic proteins, vitamins and omegas that easily absorbs into the skin.  The idea behind this proprietary ingredient is to maximize what we get out of our makeup.  Think of all the hours makeup sits on your skin.  Why not have it benefit your skin while it enhances your natural beauty?  That's the Geri G difference.

Transceutical Canvas

This versatile product can be incorporated into your morning and evening routine.  It provides ultimate hydration, anti-aging benefits, and nourishment to the skin without feeling greasy or clogging pores.  Think of it as an all-around primer.  It primes your skin in the morning before makeup application and primes it before bed so it can heal and repair skin while you sleep.  It has a very smooth and silky texture but has absolutely no greasy residue.  I have oily skin so I really love how weightless this product feels!

Innocent Foundation

Another light-weight, nourishing product from Geri G's line is her Innocent Foundation.  Packaged with a convenient pump, this foundation requires very little product to cover the entire face.  It gives a natural and healthy glow to the skin, perfect for any time of year.  It hydrates and nourishes with ingredients such as green tea, white tea, aloe, rose water and vitamin E.  Reading most of these ingredients, you'd think we were talking about skincare.  That's the idea behind this line - it's keeping your skin beautiful and healthy!

geri g cosmetics - the beauty puff

Plush Mascara

This mascara gives lashes a very natural, plush look while strengthening and conditioning them at the same time.  I love the brush on the mascara wand - a spiral bristle brush that grasps each lash and coats them evenly with mascara.  I really like the natural look I get with this mascara.  You certainly get definition and volume, but it naturally enhances the lashes without looking "overdone."  This is my perfect everyday mascara!

geri g cosmetics - the beauty puff

Blending Cheek & Eye Duo

You all know how I love a multi-purpose product!  Geri G's Blending Cheek & Eye Duo is just that.  This duo comes with a bronzing shade, Bashful, and a luminous blush, Glowing.  Whether used alone or together, these shades are gorgeous.  Both can be used on the cheeks as well as on the eyes.  I love using Bashful for overall bronzing and Glowing as my blush.  The convenient sifter can allow you to dispense each product separately, or both at once.  It easily closes for secure traveling and storage which I love.  I love loose powders, but they can definitely be messy!  This is one of the most user-friendly designs I've ever come across.  Geri G's Canvas Brush is just the right size to apply these products.  Simply place the brush over the desired shade's sifter, and tip the container over to dispense.  Geri's Canvas Brush is vegan, cruelty-free and washes easily with soap and water.

Lip Gloss Creme in Peach

If I had to pick one favorite product, I would have to give it to Geri's Lip Gloss Creme.  She named this product perfectly too.  You get the shine and ease of use of a gloss, alongside gorgeous, creamy color.  It is smooth, not sticky, and the color payoff is phenomenal.  This is definitely my new favorite peach gloss for spring.  It gives the perfect lightness to my looks while still being a very versatile shade.  Of course, as with all Geri's products, this product also nourishes the skin with natural oils and vitamin E.  Other colors include a deep nude and light pink.

geri g swatches - the beauty puff
L to R | Peach Lip Gloss, Bashful/Glowing Duo

The pigmentation of Geri G's cosmetics is outstanding.  Above I swatched one swipe of the Lip Gloss Creme and one-swipe concentrated swatches of Bashful and Glowing. Both cheek products blend beautifully and can be diffused for a bright, luminous look.  They're perfect for spring and summer!

If you're looking for some new Everyday Essentials, Geri G has them!  Bring out your skin's natural beauty and get more out of your makeup!

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