Spring Series ft. Beauty for Real

I don't know about you, but I crave a fresh new look when spring rolls around.  Beauty for Real must have felt the same way because they have a sleek new design just in time for the change of seasons.  They've introduced some new shades but also gave some fan favorites a new makeover.

-pr sample-
beauty for real - the beauty puff

When it's time to say goodbye to the cold winter air, it's also time to say goodbye to that rough dry skin.  My lips got the worst of it this winter - my lip products just didn't look their best.  Beauty for Real's Lip Revival was just what my lips needed.  This lip scrub smells decadent with the warm aroma of essential oils from cinnamon bark, orange and vanilla.  It gently exfoliates with sugar and leaves your lips feeling hydrated, not sensitive like many other scrubs.  At first touch, this scrub feels like a lip balm.  It is really gentle because the sugar is incredibly fine, so it does not hurt or scratch the lips.  After scrubbing, I wipe away the sugar and my lips are left feeling smooth, hydrated and ready for my lip products!

beauty for real lip swatch - the beauty puff
D-Fine  |  Nudist Gloss  

If you're a fan of lip liner, you will love Beauty for Real's one and only lip pencil in D-Fine - the only shade you'll ever need!  This nude lip liner is a versatile tone that works with the natural color of lips, so anyone can use it with any lip product.  You can use it to define your lips or even fill them in and top with a gloss.  I love that I can use this lip liner with whatever shade I'm in the mood for.  Also, it features a twist-up design so you'll never need a sharpener.

beauty for real swatch - the beauty puff
D-Fine lining the lips paired with Nudist

Speaking of versatile lip products, Beauty for Real's new gloss in Nudist is becoming a fast favorite of mine!  This beauty provides oh-so-subtle lip plumping that feels cooling on the lips.  I love the feeling of this gloss, but I love the color even more.  It has just the right balance of pink and beige for the perfect nude lip.  As with all Beauty for Real glosses, it has a mirror on the tube and a light on the applicator so you can get the perfect application wherever you go.

beauty for real blush & glo - the beauty puff

If you read my first post about Beauty for Real, you'll know I'm a huge fan of their Blush & Glo formula.  This favorite has gotten a beautiful new look that's perfect for your purse and on-the-go.  The new convenient stick has the blush on one side and the highlighter on the other.  It has the same fabulous cream-to-powder formula that's long lasting and so comfortable on the skin, you won't even feel it.  I love light-weight products, especially for spring!

beauty for real coral swatch - the beauty puff
Coral Crush  |  Hi Beam

My original Blush & Glo was in their shade In The Pink / Get Lit, which I absolutely adore.  Now I have their new packaging design in the coral variation - Coral Crush / Hi Beam.  I love them both so much, I can't even pick a favorite.  No matter which shade you choose, you will love it!  Explore Beauty for Real's entire collection below!

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