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If you've ever packed your makeup for a trip, you know what a huge task it can be.  You want to bring products that perform well, but don't take up a lot of space.  If you're a beauty guru on the go, you'll love Peek Beauty.  Their products are compact, versatile and packaged in durable, sleek tins with sliding lids.  I don't know what I love more, the products or the packaging!

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peek beauty - the beauty puff
Top L to R | Miracle, Jack, Expresso  Bottom | Filter Feature

For a natural looking brow, Peek Beauty's brow powder in Expresso is amazing.  I love that this duo comes with two easy to work with shades that compliment my brows perfectly.  I simply use an angled liner brush to achieve a natural, yet defined brow.  I use the lighter shade on the inner part of my brows and then use the darker shade for more definition toward the end.  You can also combine the colors to get a customized shade.  The powder is buildable so you'll always have control during application and you get a soft, natural look.  Ingredients include - rosemary, thyme and cornstarch (as a base).

I've been loving Filter Feature for a subtle, healthy glow.  This versatile balm can be used under or over your makeup.  It contains bilberry fruit oil which heals and coconut oil which nourishes the skin.  It is not the least bit greasy or glittery so you will get a luminous, yet flatting sheen every time.  It has a beautiful peach tint that gives an extra boost of color to the skin too.  I use this product after I've put on foundation. I simply use my middle and ring finger and lightly tap the skin wherever I want to highlight - cheekbones, down the nose etc.  If you want more of a glow, you could even apply it as a primer all over the skin.  Though my favorite way to use this product is with liquid foundations, I also tried it underneath powder products and it works beautifully!

peek beauty nom nom - the beauty puff
Pictured | Nom Nom in Jack

For naturally plump lips with a beautiful tint, Peek Beauty's new Nom Nom lip balm is perfect to throw in you beauty bag.  These lip plumpers contain chili powder which provides a very subtle sensation on the lips.  They also contain ginger root, sesame oil and lichee extract.  I love wearing these on their own for a soft hint of color and of course, great hydration.  They come in three shades  - Miracle (nude), Jack (pale cherry), and Dragon (wine).  The shades are very sheer so if you decide to layer product over top, you certainly could.  I love the light hint of color for spring and summer so I wear these alone.  I get moisture, plumping and a polished hint of color, all in one product!

I love the concept behind Peek Beauty - great performing products with natural ingredients that are oh so easy to use.  I also appreciate the sturdy and user-friendly packaging.  I would not worry about these products if I literally threw them into my makeup bag.  And they definitely save space!  So go ahead... take a peek!

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