Kismet Cosmetics Lovely Illuminator

I know it's officially winter when my oily skin becomes dry and I'm craving a healthy glow.  Kismet Cosmetics came out with their Lovely Illuminators just in time.  These liquid illuminators are easy to blend for a seamless, natural look.  Want even more glow?  You can even mix them in with your foundation.  Each illuminator comes in an exquisite jar with a gold lid that looks so fancy out on display.  I've had mine out on my vanity ever since I got it.

-pr sample-
kismet cosmetics lovely illuminator - the beauty puff

The Lovely Collection is comprised of three shades to suit any skin tone:

Rosy - a pinky hue for fair/light skin tones
Goldie - a golden hue for olive skin tones
Toasty - a bronze hue for deeper skintones

The shade I have is Rosy, it's gorgeous!  If you have light skin but get very tan in the summer, Goldie would be a great summer shade!  Afterall, there's nothing wrong with a glowing complexion all year long.

kismet cosmetics lovely illuminator rosy swatch - the beauty puff

I took this swatch photo in natural light - a more concentrated swatch and then blended out.  A little goes a long way with this illuminator and you can apply it with a brush, or blend with your finger tips.  I have worn Rosy mainly with liquid foundations and BB creams but it also looks fabulous under powder foundation.  Simply moisturize, prime, add a touch of the illuminator, then finish with the powder of your choice.  It lasts all day and gives the skin a beautiful, luminous glow. 

kismet cosmetics lovely illuminator rosy - the beauty puff

You may be wondering, since these are a liquid formulation, how can you use the product in a sanitary way - other than just dipping in your finger.  I have a makeup spatula (which is very inexpensive) that I use to get just the right amount out, while keeping the remaining product as sanitary as possible.  You can use a number of things, but this just happens to be what I have on hand.

Whether you are looking to give your winter skin a boost, or looking forward to a fresh spring look, these illuminators are fabulous.  I can't wait to use Rosy on those warm, sunny spring days.  It will pair perfectly with all those pretty spring blushes!

Not sure which shade is right for you?  Upload a selfie to Instagram and #MyKismetColor to get a professional recommendation!

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