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If you read my last post featuring Gallany Cosmetics, you are familiar with the gorgeous lip products I've been loving for a while now.  I'm constantly reaching for one of their smooth Creme Satin Lipsticks or luscious Lucite Lip Glosses!  Now, I have some beautiful eye products to share with you!  Gallany has come out with three Limited Edition eyeshadow quads in their NYC Collection as well as a fantastic First Class Lash Mascara that I can't get enough of.  Let's get a closer look.

-pr sample-
gallany cosmetics - the beauty puff

As with all of the Gallany Cosmetics products I own, the packaging is amazing.  Everything feels so luxurious.  It's a treat just having them out on my vanity!  Each eyeshadow compact comes with a mirror and snaps shut so it's secure for travel.  I love the size of the mirror because it's great for other makeup touch-ups when you're on the go!  The mascara is a square tube that's very comfortable to hold and stays in place however you put it down.  Some mascara tubes don't stand up on their own.. why?  I digress. The overall packaging gets a big thumbs up, I'm a huge fan.

First, let's look at the three different eyeshadow quads:

gallany cosmetics - the beauty puff
Shades top then bottom, left to right: Cardinal, Elitist, Reign, Knight

Empire - The most vibrant color combination featuring a rich raspberry pink, bronze, and vibrant purple tones to amp up any look.  I love these shades for pops of color alongside neutrals as well as liner on the lower lashline.  I've been wanting to branch out and wear more colorful shadows this year so this is just what I needed!

gallany cosmetics - the beauty puff
Shades top then bottom, left to right: Betrothed, Precious Metal, Elitist, Cognac

Brownstone - A neutral-lover's cup of tea featuring a light pink, golden champagne, taupe, and tan shimmer.  This is something I would reach for every single day to wear on its own or pair with other more vibrant shadows (Empire, for example!).  Sometimes I just add a deep chocolate brown liner and my look is complete.

gallany cosmetics - the beauty puff
Shades top then bottom, left to right: Precious Metal, Eden, Cognac, Envy
*note: Precious Metal & Cognac are also featured in Brownstone

Key to Gramercy - An unexpected color combination I've come to love, featuring a golden champagne, tan shimmer, light teal and deep teal.  I wouldn't normally gravitate toward these teal shades but they look absolutely stunning together!  A beautiful quad for any season.

gallany cosmetics swatches - the beauty puff
L to R Empire, Brownstone, Key to Gramercy (l to r, top then bottom for each quad)
(please forgive the awkward angle, I am attempting to navigate around a scar)

Overall the pigmentation of these shadows is amazing.  The formula is creamy, yet they are all powders so they blend beautifully.  You can use this formula dry or with a dampened brush for added intensity.  The quality and shade range is great, but I still crave more from Gallany so I hope they have more collections in their future!!

gallany cosmetics - the beauty puff

Gallany's First Class Lash Mascara impressed me just as much as their eyeshadows.  The wand features a narrow bristle brush so it reaches each lash with ease.  I haven't had any of those "oops" moments where mascara gets on my eyelid or anywhere it shouldn't because of an awkward brush.  They designed this one perfectly for application and ease of use.  The formula glides on easily and I have had absolutely no clumping on my lashes, I love it!  I don't even wipe off the wand and still, no excess product gathers on my lashes.  It is not a waterproof mascara but there has been no smudging or even flaking, so I'm impressed with the wear as well.  This is definitely one of my favorite mascaras in my collection!!

gallany cosmetics - the beauty puff

Once again I am blown away by Gallany's shade range and quality.  I can't wait to see what this brand comes out with next!!  To explore the entire line of Gallany Cosmetics, visit their website at:

The Beauty Puff

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