Jingle Belles ft. Studio Gear Artistry Palettes

When I saw that Studio Gear was coming out with palettes, I jumped for joy.  I've loved their single eyeshadows for quite a while now but always wanted a more compact form of my beloved Studio Gear shadows.  They definitely delivered because this new collection has three gorgeous and versatile palettes that are perfect for everyday, travel, and of course, gifts!

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studio gear cosmetics true artistry palettes - the beauty puff

Each of these palettes came with an angled brush, which doesn't fit within the palette itself. This doesn't much matter to me, as I rarely use brushes or applicators included with palettes.  It is a nice addition if you are gifting the palettes to someone who doesn't have an extensive brush collection though.  Each palette also features a mirror which, despite the palettes' compact size, is more than ample to use for applying the product.

studio gear cosmetics nude matte palette - the beauty puff

True Nude Matte
Shades L to R: Sheer, Buff, Hint, Touch, Shade, Deep

studio gear cosmetics true matte - the beauty puff

You can never go wrong with a compact palette with all your staple colors in it.  Studio Gear's Nude Matte palette is exactly that.  Think of the basic colors you reach for on a daily basis - a matte brow bone highlight, a mid-tone crease shade, or even a deep shade for the outer corner.  All of those shades can be found in this palette.  I use Studio Gear's Vanilla Matte eyeshadow on a daily basis for my brow bone.  The first shadow on the left in this palette looks identical to that shade so I was thrilled to have that included in the selection!  The other colors in this palette can be used in a multitude of ways on their own, or combined with other palettes.  The shades are smooth, blendable and absolute necessities in any makeup lover's collection.

studio gear cosmetics warm nudes palette - the beauty puff

True Warm Nudes
Shades L to R: Sugar Sand, Pink Salt, Pebble, Glazed, Frosting, Singed

studio gear cosmetics warm nudes - the beauty puff

Keeping with the neutral theme, but with a bit more interest, is the Warm Nude palette.  I love that they included a matte brow bone highlight, great mid-tones, and stunning shimmery neutrals in this palette. What more do you need?  The two shimmery colors are a beautiful gold and brown so you can wear them any time of year.  This palette can take you from day to night so this would be ideal for travel when you are short on space, but want options for different looks.  The deep matte brown, the darkest shade, is perfect for a liner or even a brow powder if you have dark hair.  The mid-tone brown can also be used as a brow powder as a lighter option.  Overall a great selection packed into a compact, beautiful package on this one!

studio gear cosmetics true shimmer plum - the beauty puff

True Shimmer Plum
Moonlight, Rose Dust, Burnish, Plummy, Violet Hour, Midnight

studio gear cosmetics shimmer plum - the beauty puff

Even as the most vibrant of the three Artistry Palettes, the Shimmer Plum palette is still versatile for both day and night.  All of the colors have shimmer except Plummy, a mid-tone purple, which serves as a great crease shade, or lid color for daytime looks.  The lightest shade, Moonlight, is iridescent and works well as an inner corner highlight or worn over another shade for added brightness and dimension.  I think it was a great addition to this palette to add lightness and versatility.  The other shades are gorgeous but I think my absolute favorite is Rose Dust.  I would wear that shade on its own in any season for a quick, polished look.  To add dimension and drama, Midnight is an incredibly pigmented deep purple that needs a very light hand for application.  It's smooth without any fallout which is ideal for a shade this dark!  Overall, I'm really impressed with this palette, it's perfect for festive looks any time of year.

studio gear cosmetics artistry palettes - the beauty puff

I'm thrilled with these new palettes by Studio Gear.  As I've said many times before, I turn to this brand for my must-have basics - bronzer, primer, staple eyeshadow colors, you name it.  I've yet to be disappointed.  If you are new to the brand, I recommend signing up for their emails so you don't miss any upcoming releases and of course, sales and promos!  You can check out the entire Studio Gear Cosmetics line at:


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Happy holidays!

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