NewBeauty TestTube November 2015

I know time is going by quickly when before I know it, my NewBeauty TestTube arrives on my doorstep!  If you aren't familiar with NewBeauty TestTube, it is a beauty subscription that comes every other month with a selection of some of the latest beauty products for only $29.95 + shipping and handling.  I have a special deal waiting for you at the end of this post, but for now, let's take a look at this month's selection!

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newbeauty testtube november 2015 - the beauty puff

Biosilk Color Therapy Leave in Treatment ($12.50)

This leave in treatment protects, hydrates and replenishes hair.  It works with the power of maracuja oil, Vitamins A and C, and essential fatty acids.  You simply apply a dime size amount of product to your hair and style as usual.  It smells really nice and doesn't feel heavy or greasy in my hair.  I currently dye my hair so I'll definitely enjoy incorporating this into my haircare routine!

Hada Labo Facial Mask ($3.75)

I've seen this brand on Ulta's website several times and have always been intrigued but never bought anything. This mask gives me a chance to see if I like it!   This Anti-Aging Face Mask hydrates with hyaluronic acid which is a big selling point for me.  It also has soy peptides, collegen and Vitamin E.  You only need to wear this mask for about 10 minutes and according to the description, in this time it doubles the hydration of your skin.  That's sounds amazing!  I'll be saving this mask for when my skin is really parched to test it out.

Color Secrets Nail Polish in Mirror Mirror (item varies) ($5.99)

I'm never afraid to put a little sparkle on my nails!  This 5-Free nail lacquer came just in time for the holidays.  I love a silver glitter for instant enhancement of virtually any color.  It's so festive and eye-catching.  This glitter polish features different size glitters that reflect multiple colors.  It applies very smoothly and can be worn in a light layer or multiple layers for a more intense glitter effect.

Stila Face the Day Moisturizer (item varies) (~$11)

I had no idea Stila made skincare until I saw this product.  I couldn't find this product even on Ulta's website so I am not entirely sure if it is still available, or if this is a new formulation.  I estimated the value based on the price on  Regardless, I was excited to see a product from Stila this month!  This gel cream is incredibly light and absorbs very quickly on the skin.  There is no residue so this is perfect for under makeup and daily use.  It has hyaluronic acid for intense hydration so it's great for this time of year too.  If my skin reacts well to it, this will be a great travel-friendly moisturizer so I don't have to pack a larger bottle!

Key West Aloe Mango Body Wash ($2)

Talk about a little summertime in the fall.  This body wash smells amazing!  This little gem has aloe, Vitamin E, and wait for it... mango extract!  Everywhere I turn, it's mango!  I have been finding all sorts of amazing skincare featuring mango and I love it.  I enjoy rejuvenating scents to wake me up in the morning too.  This body wash is the perfect size for travel so I might just save the rest of it for when I need to save space in my luggage.

newbeauty testtube november 2015 - the beauty puff

Glo Pop Teeth Whitening Treatment (~$26)

I think we all tend to look for "quick fixes" in our beauty routine.  I was really intrigued to see an easy to use, fairly quick solution to getting a brighter, whiter smile.  This treatment features a little bristle brush that helps the formula foam and get to hard to reach places for an efficient whitening experience.  The key ingredient in this treatment is hydrogen peroxide.  You use it three times a day for three days and supposedly teeth get up to five shades whiter.  That sounds a lot simpler than leaving strips on your teeth without being able to eat or drink for a while.  I'll be interested to see how this treatment works.

NeoCell Biotin Bursts (~$10)

While I can't speak for the long-term effects of these soft chews, I can tell you they taste incredible!  Taking vitamins or supplements can be hard to remember or not much fun as we get older.  With this sort of product, it's not only easier to remember, but much more enjoyable!  These chews get their delicious berry flavor from acai berry which also protects against free radicals.  I've always wanted to incorporate biotin in my beauty routine, so this will give me a chance to test it out to see if it's worth it.  Like many, my hair and nails get very dry and damaged in the cold weather.  I get tired of peeling nails ruining my manicure and dull hair that looks lifeless because of damage, so hopefully this will help and I'll discover a new favorite.

Pure Gold Collagen Liquid Beauty Supplement ($5)

Skincare in a drink?  Yes it's true.  This supplement contains hyaluronic acid, hydrolized collagen, zinc and vitamins and minerals that help hydrate and regenerate skin from within.  It targets skin cells to help reveal a brighter, more youthful appearance.  Along with the benefits for skin, this drink also benefits hair and nails.  I was hesitant to try this product but it really didn't taste bad at all.  It was a bit tart, but not anything like I expected.   I don't think you can really gauge whether this product works well for you just by this one bottle, but it was a interesting.  I don't think it can really take the place of topical skincare for me.

Value ~$76

What do you think about this month's NewBeauty TestTube?  Ready to subscribe?

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