Lucie and Pompette

When I first moved out on my own, I decorated with pieces that had French words, images and designs that inspired creativity and whimsy in my living space.  It's no surprise then, that I gravitated toward the muse behind the makeup line, Lucie & Pompette.  Lucie lives in a Grande Chateau, owns her own salon, travels the world and enjoys walking her adorable dog, Pompette.  She has a love of macarons and of course, makeup.  I don't live in a Grande Chateau or live such a glamorous life, but I can certainly share in this character's love of all things makeup... particularly, these lovely lip batters.

-pr sample-
lucie and pompette - the beauty puff
Left to right: Can-Can, Mi-Mi, La-La

What is a lip batter?  This 3-in-1 formula hydrates, plumps, and provides intense shine for an all-in-one lip product that can be worn alone or on top of a lipstick.  I personally love wearing them on their own.  There are five lip batters in the line.  The three colors I have are La-La (sheer pink), Mi-Mi (sheer nude), and Can-Can (sheer berry).  While these do come in different shades, don't expect much color payoff.  It took several swipes to achieve the color you see below.  I don't mind this because, as you may have read in my previous posts, I love a sheer gloss with a hint of color!  What I also love, is that these glosses are paraben and cruelty-free.  All colors, except Can-Can, are vegan.

lucie and pompette  swatches - the beauty puff
L to R: La-La, Mi-Mi, Can-Can

The formula of these lip batters is fairly thick and sticky.  The stickiness definitely helps with the longevity, however I would not recommend wearing these if you are at a family function kissing relatives' cheeks all through the day.  For everyday wear, running errands or even just at work, these are fabulous.  They stay put and provide hydration and shine for hours.  Even after eating, I could still feel the moisture from these lip batters.  After you apply them you might notice some tingling but it isn't much.  One thing I really like, is the flexible applicator.  It helps spread out the lip batter evenly.  Overall, once you get used to the formula, these lip batters are really nice.  I'm looking forward to wearing them when it gets colder and I need constant moisture on my lips... these will definitely last!

lucie and pompette - the beauty puff
Whether you'd like a treat for yourself, or need a present for a friend, these lip batters will make gorgeous gifts.  They each come in their own individual box so they would make great stocking stuffers!  You can even get a matching Lucie Bag to safely store all your lip batters!  Check out the entire line at:

The Beauty Puff

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