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With the holidays approaching, many of us will be traveling to visit family and friends.  What does this mean for our makeup collection?  I don't know about you, but I pick and choose very carefully when it comes time for packing my makeup.  I look for versatile, easy to use products that don't take up a lot of space or require me to pack more products than necessary (ie fine liner brushes for gel eye liner.. no thanks!).  If you are like me and prefer the "less is more" strategy, then you will love the products in today's post!  Beauty for Real makes a variety of gorgeous products, whether you are at home or on the go.  Today we will look at two products that just happen to be "Beauty Bag" friendly!

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beauty for real - the beauty puff

Cheek Tint & Luminizer

Beauty for Real makes two color variations of their Cheek Tint & Luminizer - Goldrush/Afterglow which is a warm sheer gold and bronze and Get Lit/In The Pink which is a light mother of pearl and fresh pink.  I was immediately drawn to the pink tones so I have the Get Lit/In The Pink color combination.  First, let's just address the beautiful, yet unique packaging design.  I love when makeup packaging has an unexpected twist. The top of the compact lifts open to reveal the beautiful cream luminizer, Get Lit, and the blush, In The Pink, swivels out from below.  The compact also features a mirror for on-the-go application.  

beauty for real - the beauty puff

What also makes this product great for travel, is that you can use it either with your fingers or with a brush.  The product blends very easily, drying to a powder finish.  You don't need much, particularly with the blush, as it is very pigmented.  I used a small amount at first so I could get a feel for color payoff.  If you don't like using your fingers, I recommend using a duo-fiber brush to slowly build color and maintain a natural finish.

I love the natural flush and highlight this product helps me achieve.  The blush is a very flattering pink on my light skin while the luminizer gives just the right amount of glow.  Not only do these products look beautiful on the skin, they also have vitamin E and grape seed extracts to help protect and provide anti-aging benefits for the skin.

beauty for real - the beauty puff

Light Up Lip Gloss

Talk about beauty on-the-go.  This gloss features a light within the handle of the applicator and a mirror on the tube itself so you can apply it on-the-go and even in the dark!  You simply push the button on the end of the wand to turn the light on or off.  Have you ever been in a rush or arrived somewhere at night, wanting to touch up your makeup with little or no light?  Well, this handy little feature would certainly help!

The color gloss I have is Purity.  It is a versatile nude pink that brings life to my looks, despite being a neutral shade.  It doesn't wash me out and it gives just the right amount of pink to my lips to coordinate with any look, day or night.  This gloss is ultra-hydrating with aloe vera and avocado oil and has grape seed and green tea to nourish and regenerate skin.  The formula is light, smooth, not sticky, and wears beautifully.  It also feels minty and cool on the lips so it's really refreshing!  I love reapplying it in the afternoon for a little "pick me up" - it feels really nice.

beauty for real - the beauty puff

I loved how these products looked on the Beauty for Real website, but after seeing them in person and how they perform, I love them even more!  The shades are feminine, classic and versatile so you can enjoy them in all seasons.  The packaging design is ideal for travel or in your purse.  Whether you need a quick touch-up or a reliable long-lasting formula for a trip, you can't go wrong with either of these beauties!

Left to right:  Get Lit, In The Pink, Purity

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