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It can be hard to find those amazing "staple" products for your makeup collection.  The go-to pink blush, the versatile eyeshadow you can pop on at a moment's notice, or the gloss that compliments any look.  Finding those products made with natural ingredients can be even more difficult.  In today's Pure Puff, I'm sharing some products from Han Skin Care Cosmetics that I have been loving for some classic, go-to looks.  Those products include their blush in Baby Pink, eyeshadow in Taupey Plum, and lip gloss in Nude Rose.

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For me, less is more... 90% of the time.  Sure, there are days I want to be a bit more intricate with my eye looks or have more fun with a highlighter. But most days, I look for classic, neutral looks that enhance my natural beauty.  There, I said it.  I'm not one to boast, but I believe in working with what you've got and not trying to look like a completely different person while wearing makeup.  Personal preference, folks.  With that said, the products I have from Han Skin Care Cosmetics have helped me achieve those natural, yet beautiful looks.

One of the reasons I love Han Skin Care Cosmetics' blush in Baby Pink, is that I don't have to be too careful with application.  It gives a natural flush to the skin without adding too much redness (as some pink blushes tend to do on my skin).  The formula is smooth and it easily blends on the skin for a natural pink hue to compliment a variety of looks.  It is a matte blush but still gives a glow to the skin due to the flattering color.  I like wearing this blush on its own without any additional products, it's just that pretty.  I have light skin so I'm not sure this shade would show up well on someone who has really tan skin, but there are two other color options in their line: Coral Candy and Strawberry Pink, both stunning shades that are more vibrant.  There's a shade to suit virtually any taste and skintone. 

The Taupey Plum eyeshadow is the ultimate fall shade - a beautiful mix of a soft purple and versatile taupe that would look beautiful on any skintone.  This is another one of those "one-shadow looks" for me.  It is a shade that can go from the lid, to the crease, to the lower lashline all while enhancing and providing depth.  In short, it looks gorgeous all on its own.  The bright lighting in the swatch below emphasizes the taupe undertone, but applied on the lid with natural shadows, you can see the plum even more.  The formula is smooth and blendable so if you decide to compliment it with another shade, it can accommodate that as well.  I particularly love how the shade can give the eyes a deep, rich look but still a bit of brightness when the light hits it.

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Nude lip glosses can be really hit or miss.  Some wash out my lips or have an undertone that doesn't lend itself well to a lot of looks, what good is that?  Nude Rose is a really versatile shade that is particularly flattering, especially on my light skin.  The formula is smooth, not sticky and gives rich, nourishing color.  This shade is great for fall because it's not too light, but still compliments deeper tones on the eyes or cheeks.  It can be applied lightly and appear less opaque than the swatch above, but either way it's a simple, "no fuss" nude lip gloss.  If you prefer more of a berry tone for fall, their shade in Raspberry Chardonnay is gorgeous as well. 

I've been reaching for these products a LOT this month.  If you saw my post on Instagram (@thebeautypuff), I even included the Baby Pink blush as one of my beauty favorites this month!  It's nice to know products that get a lot of use in my collection are made with good ingredients, too.  Han Skin Care Cosmetics utilizes the very best in natural ingredients for their products.  They contain ingredients such as: Argan Oil, Shea Butter, Extracts: Acai, Pomegranate, Blueberry, Cranberry, Green & Black Tea, Vitamins and Pigments from pure minerals, plants, fruits and vegetables - never FD&C, Lakes or Carmine.  While this may not be a requirement for every beauty purchase you make, it's good to know what goes on your skin and that quality ingredients can make beautiful makeup!

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