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If you are a lover of lip products then this post is for you.  Have you heard of Gallany?  Well let me introduce you.  Gallany Cosmetics has an entire line of lipsticks and newly released lip glosses that can accommodate anyone's style.  Whether you want a bold, opaque lipstick or a hint of sheer gloss, they've got you covered.  Let's take a look at some of their collection!

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gallany cosmetics lipstick - the beauty puff
Left to right: Naked, Luxe, Blushing, Terra Cotta, Black Cherry


I have five of the Gallany Creme Satin Lipsticks.  Three are beautiful neutrals and two are seasonally appropriate shades for fall!  Naked is the lightest nude shade, perfect for those who want a light nude lip. It may be too light for some, but this shade lends itself well to a multitude of glosses, so I love its versatility.  Luxe is next in line.  This shade is a more wearable nude, with no risk of washing out the lips.  It has a bit of a pink undertone and would flatter a variety of skin tones.

gallany cosmetics lipstick swatches - the beauty puff
Left to right: Naked, Luxe, Blushing, Terra Cotta, Black Cherry

Next comes Blushing, a stunning versatile pink.  This is not an "in your face" bold pink so if you are just beginning to delve into this shade range, it's a great option.  I top this lipstick with a gloss too, it's beautiful.  For the fall lip lover, Terra Cotta and Black Cherry are beautiful choices.  When I first saw Terra Cotta I thought of warm, pumpkin spice.  If you prefer especially dark shades for fall, Black Cherry is a deep plum that's perfect for a statement lip.

gallany cosmetics lipstick - the beauty puff

Isn't the packaging gorgeous?  I love the look of these lipsticks!  In terms of formula, I found them to be very creamy, pigmented and comfortable.  They have a fantastic shade range so if one of these colors doesn't speak to you, you can check out the entire collection of 30 lipsticks here.  Although they are pigmented on their own, they are also beautiful in combination with the new Gallany Lucite Lips glosses!

gallany cosmetics lucite lips - the beauty puff
Top to bottom: Lolita, Honestly, Polite Society

Lucite Lips

I enjoy a pigmented lip product, but I also like a versatile sheer gloss.  I love the simple elegance of a bit of color with a lot of shine.  As you look at the shade range in this line, there are some vibrant colors but the coverage is not completely opaque.  You get the benefit of the color and shine with options as to how you wear them.  You can achieve a lighter, natural look wearing them alone, or apply them over a lipstick to add dimension for a polished look.

gallany cosmetics lucite lips swatches - the beauty puff
Left to right: Lolita, Honestly, Polite Society

Let's begin with my lightest shade, Lolita.  I have to say this is my absolute favorite color in this line!  It is not the lightest option, but provides the perfect light, ballerina pink to wear alone or over a pink lipstick.  Remember how I said I topped Blushing with a gloss?  Well, this is the one!  If you have pinks in your collection that were more vibrant than you anticipated, this type of gloss is perfect to lighten the color and add shine.  The next shade I have is Honestly.  This is seriously the perfect nude.  It has enough warmth not to wash me out and goes with absolutely every look I've worn it with.  It is gorgeous paired warm browns or gold on the lid!  This is also a great option to have in your purse for a simple, go-to color. Polite Society is a pink based nude that is suitable for any season.  I have been pairing this shade with deep purples and cool tones on the lid but it goes with a variety of looks.

I've really been enjoying the formula of these glosses, they aren't sticky but still stay on the lips very well.  Also, they smell like vanilla mint.  As soon as I smelled them, I thought of my EOS lip balm in Sweet Mint, which is my absolute favorite EOS scent.  It's cooling, refreshing and sweet.  The packaging of these glosses is pretty as well.  They lend themselves well to photography so I've had a lot of fun featuring them on Instagram!

Overall I have absolutely loved delving into the Gallany Cosmetics line.  Whether you are a lipstick or lip gloss girl I don't think you can go wrong with either of these formulas.  If I had to pick my favorite, I would have to say the newly released Lucite Lips glosses.  The colors are right up my alley and I have been reaching for them constantly!  I think I'm a true gloss girl at heart.

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