Fall Series ft. Kismet Lipsticks and Nail Colours

If you read my last post featuring Kismet Cosmetics, you know I am a huge fan of neutral colors, even in the fall.  I wear neutral lip colors to pair with deeper eye looks and I also wear neutral polishes.  Kismet Cosmetics has an entire line of lipsticks, the Velvet Collection, that features everything from nude shades to bold, statement colors.  My two favorites from this collection are Naked Gypsy (a top seller) and Hey Baby.  Their Nail Colours are equally gorgeous, featuring seasonal shades to coordinate with a multitude of looks.  I have two shades from their most recent collection, a pale grey called Wonder and a stunning pale pink called Flower Crown.

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kismet cosmetics lipsticks - the beauty puff
Left: Naked Gypsy  Right: Hey Baby

Let's start off with these gorgeous lipsticks!  Naked Gypsy is a versatile nude with a hint of pink that goes with anything.  Not all nude lipsticks are created equal however, I should know I've had my fair share!  This shade and formula are particularly appealing.  Because of the slight pink undertone and subtle sheen, this shade is very flattering and won't make your lips "disappear".  It can accompany a neutral or vibrant eye look without looking ghostly.  Hey Baby is a pinky metallic mauve that looks gorgeous when the light hits it.  It has much more dimension than I anticipated - I love it!  This is a fantastic every day color for those that don't want the "typical nude" but still want a lighter, versatile color.  Even the swatch is gorgeous so I kept staring at it! 

kismet cosmetics swatches - the beauty puff

As you can see from the photos, I am very consistent with my lip color choices!  Hey Baby is deeper with more sheen in the formula - very flattering.  A fun side note - Hey Baby is worn by the Golden Girls of Louisiana State University.  This is the creator, Caitlin Picou's alma mater.  This shade was formulated with the famous danceline so it just goes to show how universally appealing this shade is.  The formula of these lipsticks is smooth, comfortable and very lightweight.  You almost forget you're wearing them after a while.  They apply smoothly without tugging on the lips and the formula stays put.  I haven't needed a lip liner at all with these lipsticks.  Just apply and go!

kismet cosmetics nail colours - the beauty puff

Like their lipsticks, Kismet's Nail Colours come in a great range of colors.  No surprise here, I gravitated toward their neutral shades!  I love light, neutral nails.  I wear these tones through all seasons.  The formula of these polishes is incredible - particularly for such light shades.  I was able to get opaque coverage in just one coat with absolutely no streaking.  For extended wear and maximum color payoff, I did apply two coats of these polishes.  They wear beautifully.  I had a good four days of wear without any noticeable chipping.

kismet cosmetics nail colour swatches - the beauty puff

In seasons where I typically wear darker color clothes, light neutral nails give an appealing contrast - and change of pace!  I love a nude pink any day and I've recently been favoring gray as my neutral of choice for fall.  I will be reaching for these a lot!

If you love the combination of these products, now you can enjoy them in the new collaboration between Kismet Cosmetics and SavvyRoot.  Create a Glam Bag simply pick from one of five makeup bag colors by SavvyRoot and choose your favorite Kismet makeup items.  Below are the options:

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Happy shopping!

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