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As I become more conscious of what ingredients are in my beauty products, I never forget my nail polish.  It used to be that "3 free" was the way to go.  Now, many brands are stepping it up to offer 5 free and even 7 free polishes as well!  Trust Fund Beauty nail polishes are not only 7 free but they are non-toxic, cruelty free and vegan.  

-pr sample-
Left: I Had it First    Right: Sex Tape

Trust Fund Beauty's packaging design and colors are trendy and eye-catching.  There's something to suit every style.  They even have collections of smaller bottles so you can sample a variety of finishes and colors before you totally "commit."  The colors I have are "I Had it First" and "Sex Tape."  I love when brands infuse personality and humor into their products!  If you haven't followed them on Instagram (@TrustFundBeauty), you must.  It puts a smile on my face every day.  Sometimes the humor infused in their feed is so infectious, I have to share it with my husband.  It's great.

trust fund beauty i had it first - the beauty puff

Ok, now that we've had a little backstory, on with the polishes!  I Had It First is the perfect pale nude pink.  It applies smoothly and opaque in just a couple light coats.  No streaking whatsoever with the application!  If you make sure to apply a very thin coat, it will dry in no time.  Two coats and you're good to go with this little beauty.  It'll go with any outfit you can come up with and last you through the seasons.  An absolute must! (Go add it to your cart, I'll wait...)

trust fund beauty sex tape - the beauty puff

The other shade I have is Sex Tape.  This one suits me perfectly.. and not because of the name, mind you.  It is the perfect deep, vibrant pink to put a little spring in your step.  I consider this shade as necessary as a nude shade in my collection.  When others might wear a classic, bright red, I would wear pink.  Pink > red in my world.  That's just how it is.  This polish dries lightening fast too.  It has opaque coverage in just one coat and by the time I finished with the first coat on all my nails, my first nail was dry.  They really nailed it with this one.

trust fund beauty swatches - the beauty puff

These polishes both wore beautifully.  After almost a week I had minor wear at the tips of my nails, not chunks of polish missing to make it totally embarassing.  I didn't even feel the need to hide my nails in public at that point.  Bonus!  These bottles are sleek and fit perfectly on a shelf or any other form of storage.  I personally have a hanging jewelry organizer for my ever-growing collection of polishes.  Even if you just have them on a typical nail polish rack, Trust Fund Beauty's slim design will save space and look really nice out on display.  You might even have room to add more to your collection!  Might?  Of course you will, let's be honest.

If you want to add a little spice to your life, you can even get Trust Fund Beauty's monthly subscription which offers two polishes a month and you can choose one of them!  For your first month, you choose both.  Shipping is free and you can choose from a three, six, or nine month subscription.  Who doesn't love a little surprise each month?

Go get yourself a treat, you deserve it.

Happy shopping!

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