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I have become slightly obsessed with skincare over the last several years.  The cold, dry air takes a toll on my sensitive skin and the dryness has been quite visible and at times, painful.  So as I've gotten older, the search for quality, nourishing products has taken center stage.  This doesn't mean they have to be boring, however.  I still look for products to smell good, particularly if I am slathering them on my body.  Ellovi's products not only provide intense moisture, but smell absolutely amazing.  If only you could smell their body butter and lip butter in Mint Chocolate.

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ellovi butter - the beauty puff

Lip Butter

I love wearing all types of lip products, but if my lips aren't moisturized and smooth, those products obviously won't perform their best.  Keeping my lips moisturized day and night goes a long way to helping them stay smooth and soft, whether I apply lip product or not.  This Mint Chocolate lip butter smells and feels amazing.  It coats your lips thoroughly without feeling greasy or too slippery.  The moisture of the natural ingredients really soaks in, rather than sitting on top of your lips like a waxy balm.  I love the oval shape of this lip balm too.  I only have a couple that are this style, but I really like how they feel and apply.  The ingredients in the lip butter are:  sunflower, macadamia, Hawaiian coconut, shea, hemp seed, and African marula.

ellovi body butter - the beauty puff


What could be better than an absolutely delicious smelling lip butter?  A body butter to match!  Not only do I inhale the deliciousness of these products prior to applying, but with this body butter, I get to go around smelling my arms and hands to experience it whenever I want.  It is addictive.  The smell is comparable to a mint chocolate candy you would typically have after dinner - an instant burst of minty freshness with the rich, sweetness of chocolate that leaves you wanting more.  This decadent body butter melts into your skin effortlessly, providing intense hydration.  The formula is rich, fast-absorbing and instantly soothes.  It doesn't take much to get the job done so I see this jar lasting quite a while.  A simple swirl of your fingers melts the butter so you can easily get just the right amount.  As with the lip butters, it is suggested that you use these products within a year for ultimate freshness.  The ingredients in the body butter are:  macadamia, Hawaiian coconut, shea, hemp seed African marula, and non-GMO corn starch.

ellovi lip butter - the beauty puff

Consider your skincare products like food for your skin.  They provide the nourishment and care your skin needs and get absorbed just like the nutrients that go into your body when you eat.  For that reason, I am starting to pay special attention to what goes on my skin and looking for quality ingredients whenever possible.  Ellovi's ingredients are so pure, they are literally good enough to eat.  Not only that, their products contain no water so you are getting the purest, most effective product possible.  Their lip butters and body butters come in Original, Vanilla, Mint Chocolate, and all new Blossom!  There is also a tinted lip balm which gets its color from a Mediterranean flower.  You can't get anymore natural than that!

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