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Lilfox Botanicals is a skincare line created by Alexis Rose, a certified aromatherapist, phytotherapist, and organic cosmetic formulator.  Her knowledge of quality, natural ingredients has culminated into a line of luxury infused skincare that can help you feel pampered every single day.  From the sleek packaging to the exhilarating organic aromas, this line is unlike anything I have experienced in my skincare routine.  I have been completely pampered by the Vanilla Orchid lip balm, Neroli toning mist, and Cucumber & Blackseed eye butter.

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Lilfox Botanicals' products are free of parabens, sodium sulfates, synthetic fragrances and gmos.  Instead of purified water, these products feature hydrosols which are produced during essential oil distillation.  They still contain trace amounts of essential oils but are much more gentle.  Due to the nature of the ingredients in these products, you will find recommendations for how long each should be used to ensure ultimate freshness and effectiveness.

Vanilla Orchid Lip Balm

The Vanilla Orchid lip balm features natural oils to moisturize and nourish while the vanilla protects the skin with antioxidants and B vitamins.  It feels amazing gliding on to the lips with absolutely no pulling or tugging.  Before each use, I have to take a minute to enjoy the unique scent!  At first there is a noticeable sweetness from the vanilla but then a very distinct freshness from the orange oil.  I would call this a "grown up" vanilla scent.  It is more complex than your typical vanilla, but you can still enjoy the rich sweetness.  This is one you have to experience for yourself!

Anahata Neroli Toning Mist

This toning mist is an experience all on its own.  Neroli oil is derived from fragrant orange blossoms.  For me personally, the smell is incredibly nostalgic.  It brings me all the way back to when I was pregnant (ok that wasn't that long ago).  This scent reminds me of a spray that my husband got me to help with morning sickness, which for me was all times of day for half of my pregnancy.  Nothing but sweet or fresh scents and foods would suffice during this time.  That same scent was somehow brought back to me with the infusion of orange blossoms in this toning mist.  Every time I spray it I am brought back to when I was pregnant - remembering the freshness and feeling of rejuvenation I felt with each lovely mist, not the morning sickness!  If you could capture the freshness of summer in a bottle, this would be it!

Needless to say, I look forward to using this spray every day.  It refreshes and moisturizes my skin in an instant.  With continued use, orange blossoms can also help minimize the appearance of pores.  I do not wear a full face of makeup every day so this spray has been a lifesaver to rejuvenate my tired skin through my daily routine.  I simply spray and gently tap into my skin with clean hands, that's it!  This spray can also be used on top of makeup for a more dewy look or all over the body for an all over hydrating mist.   As a unique twist, these toning mists also include crystals in the bottom of the bottles.  The Anahata mist has green aventurine crystals which are said to help in the giving and receiving of love.  

Other variety: Rose, Lavender & Blue Chamomile, Rosemary

Cucumber & Black Seed Eye Butter

This is probably the most moisturizing eye product I have ever used.  It features cucumber seed oil which helps to strengthen and improve skin's elasticity while encouraging healthy regeneration.  It also contains several other natural oils with several benefits for your skin.  It is packed with vitamins, essential fatty acids and antioxidants.  The black cumin seed oil is the predominant smell I notice in this eye butter.  Again, a trip down memory lane with this scent!  Black cumin seeds are used in traditional recipes in my family.  I am familiar with the scent and really like it.  It is not a typical scent you might expect from skincare, but the scent isn't noticeable after application.  It has an earthy warmth to it that I find really comforting.

I find the best time to apply this eye butter is at night.  Nighttime is when skin is most receptive to moisture, so why not let it do its magic at the best time of day?  Since it is incredibly rich, if you apply it during the day just use it very sparingly.  I have oily skin so I use something lighter during the day and indulge in this eye butter at night.  The first ingredient is mango butter which is a real super food for skin!  It contains Vitamins A, C, and E and protects against free radicals.  All-in-all, this eye butter is a rich combination of skincare must-haves that you'll love to incorporate in your daily routine!

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