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Traveling with a little one means packing about ten times more than you normally do.  Ok maybe not that much, but there are a whole lot of things to remember.  When I traveled this past weekend, packing bath and skincare products for my little one was as simple as it could be.  I simply threw this Erbaviva Baby Travel Kit in our bag and I was done!

erbaviva baby travel kit - the beauty puff

Erbaviva makes an entire organic skincare line that has everything for you and your little one.  They use quality ingredients that are free of harsh detergents, chemical fragrances and unhealthy toxins.  Some of their ingredients incorporated into their baby products include lavender, chamomile and mandarin.  They are gentle on baby's skin and help to calm and soothe during bath time and beyond.  This travel kit features a great sampling of their baby products!

The Baby Travel Kit includes the following items:

Baby lip & cheek balm - Perfect for on the go, this stick is infused with shea butter and essential oils of lavender and chamomile.  It works to heal and protect baby's sensitive skin in any season. It can be used to soothe baby's cheeks, hands and even lips for a nourishing coat of moisture.  The balm applies smoothly and absorbs very quickly, leaving no oily residue.  This is a definite must-have you can just throw in your diaper bag without worry of spilling or leaking!

Baby shampoo - This shampoo is also infused with lavender and chamomile oil and is free of sulfates and chemicals.  The bottle itself has a basic cap that unscrews, though I do wish it had some sort of pump or dispenser instead.  The formula is gentle enough for baby but is great for anyone with sensitive skin.  It rinses clean and smells of calming lavender.

Baby lotion - This moisturizing lotion is fast absorbing and light-weight for instant hydration on baby's skin right after bath time.  The convenient pump makes for easy application too!  It leaves a light fresh scent of mandarin that isn't overpowering, leaving baby's skin smooth and fresh.

Diaper cream - This cream has echinacea which has been used for the healing of wounds and reduces redness, pain and inflammation.  This bottle also has a pump which makes it easy to dispense just the right amount.  The cream itself is a thin, non-greasy formula that provides a protective, soothing layer on baby's skin with the light scent of lavender and chamomile.   

Whether you are traveling or want to sample the organic baby products Erbaviva has to offer, this set is a great choice.  I literally took the bag as it came (it has a plastic insert that kept products upright) and put it our diaper bag.  It was one less thing I had to worry about fitting in our bags and taking up a bunch of space!  If you know a new or expectant mom, this set makes a fabulous gift as well.

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