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Pretty Penny - Shop Your Stash

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There comes a time in every makeup lover's life where you look at your collection of beauty products and think - yikes, that's enough!  We may not always listen to this little voice of reason, but sometimes it helps to stop and examine the little gems in our collection.  This is also a huge money saver.  New releases from our favorite companies can be really tempting.  But what if you have something just as good, if not better, in your own collection?  

In this Pretty Penny post, I will go over a few ways I remind myself of what's in my collection and get more use out of some old favorites!  For some, this might be a bit overwhelming.  I do not have the biggest collection in the world (though my husband may disagree) but I get in a "beauty rut" and use the same things day after day.  I end up neglecting some pretty amazing products.  So what is the best way to "shop your stash?"


This may not be a revelation, but organization is key in knowing what you have, where it is, and being able to use products ideal for certain times of year or certain occasions.  For example, I have a fantastic hydrating primer from Laura Geller.  Am I using it this time of year?  Nope.  But I certainly don't want it to get lost or hidden when I need it in the colder months.  Having a designated spot for seasonal moisturizers, primers and even foundations, can help you find them whenever you want them.  

Maybe your skincare/foundation collection isn't that extensive but your single eyeshadows are a bit out of control (we've all been there!).  Finding the best way to organize them is different for everyone.  You can separate them by brand, color, or finish depending on how many you have.  The idea is to get organized so things get evenly used and enjoyed!  I personally separate my "random" eyeshadows from different brands by color (those that I only have a few within the same brand).  I have a separate bin for eyeshadows that are separated by brand (those that I have several from certain brands) - ColourPop, Bare Minerals and Laura Geller take up the majority of this space.  It's all about what works best for you.

Rotation "Bin"

This is an idea I have tried to stick with, but am guilty of slacking on because my bin turns into more of a pile.  I had a small drawer organizer with products I wanted to use more frequently (6" square maybe) that I kept out on my vanity (I use that term loosely - I have a "surface" :P).  This includes a primer, foundation, brow bone highlight, blotting papers, and a whole bunch of other stuff that I constantly reach for.  I recently gave my "bin" a facelift and got the small divided tray you see above, to help me keep organized and see the products I need to be using.  It is not big enough for a palette obviously.  However, if there is a particular palette not getting enough love, I will set it out to remind me to use it the next day.  Sort of like laying our your clothes.  Being prepared = saving time.

This "bin" can hold whatever items you feel are not getting enough use in your collection.  During the summer months, I try to use my more vibrant eyeliners because they do not get used as much other times of year.  By putting them in this bin, I am reminded to give my look a little pop of color!  Single eyeshadows are another great idea for this bin because I seem to always reach for palettes.  Again, try this with seasonal items or things that make you go out of your comfort zone that you normally wouldn't reach for.  It may surprise you what looks you can come up with by shopping your own stash.  Now that's a money saver!

Plan Ahead

Ok, this may be a bit of a stretch for some.  But as I said above, if you can lay out clothes for the following day, why not makeup?  Sometimes I get in such a rush getting ready in the morning I just grab whatever is closest or what I used the day before to base my look on.  If you have a few extra minutes at night, sift through some of your makeup treasures and pick out a couple key items to use the next day.  If you do your makeup very early, you may not be as clear-headed or creative as you would be the night before, afterall.

I hope these few tips gave you some ideas to get the most out of your beauty items!  In case you wondered, I found my acrylic organizer pictured above at Homegoods!  I find they have some of the best deals and a very unique selection.  I also found a fantastic lipstick organizer I will share in a future post!

Happy "shopping"!

The Beauty Puff

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