Nourish Organic Deodorant Cream - Almond Vanilla

It's officially summertime.  You're ready to relax, take a vacation, or just enjoy the outdoors.  Must haves?  Sunscreen, check.  Sunglasses, check.  And, ahem... a deodorant that can last through all those outdoor activities.  After all, you want to focus on the fun you're having, not your underarms!  I have a new favorite this summer, by Nourish Organic.  Not only does it work incredibly well, it also smells amazing!

For those unfamiliar with Nourish Organic, their products do not contain any of the following ingredients: parabens, phthalates, sulfates, petrochemicals, synthetic dyes or silicones, propylene glycol, mineral oils, triclosan, EDTA or aluminum.  Phew!  To put it simply - Nourish Organic puts your skin first, knowing what goes on it, gets absorbed into your body.  All ingredients are 100% USDA-certified organic so you can feel confident using their products.

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nourish organic deodorant cream almond vanilla - the beauty puff

The Product 

Nourish Organic has come out with a new version of their deodorant in the form of a cream.  Now, I never tried their standard stick deodorant so I can only speak for this new version in this review.  If you are familiar with Nourish Organic, this deodorant is available in Almond Vanilla and Lavender Mint which may be your favorites.  But they have also come out with two new scents - Forest and Geranium.  I personally love sweet scents so I immediately gravitated toward Almond Vanilla.  And now, I want to bathe myself in this scent, it is just that good!

The Function

The directions for this deodorant say to apply liberally to the underarms after getting dressed to prevent the transfer of the product on to clothes.  This is pretty self-explanatory for deodorant.

nourish organic deodorant cream - the beauty puff

I have used deodorants that dispense through the tiny holes in the top of the packaging before.  Some deodorants require more product than others to get the job done.  This Nourish Organic deodorant requires very little, for me personally.  This formula also sets/dries fairly quickly so if you apply too much you will end up with balls of dried deodorant before you are even done applying.  So I would just suggest using less than you think is necessary to start with.  Below is the amount I start with to prevent over-application.  The dial does not "click" so I can't say how many clicks but it is a very small amount of product.  Needless to say it will last a while, which is fabulous!

nourish organic deodorant cream - the beauty puff

I personally prefer to apply this deodorant before I get dressed.  Why?  I want to see that it gets applied evenly so no white marks remain.  Think of it as a foundation that sets quickly and needs to get blended in properly.  It does take a few extra seconds as opposed to a typical stick deodorant, but for something that lasts ALL DAY?  I will take the extra time to be sure it is applied properly.

In case you wondered, I apply this deodorant in the morning after my shower and do not find the need for any reapplication throughout my day.  What does my day entail?  Well, I do not run marathons.  Typical household chores, errands, and keeping after Itty Bitty Puff are enough to keep me busy, that's for sure.  Even if I went out after dinner, I still didn't find the need for reapplication.  I was dry, fresh, and sweet-smelling all day long.

The Style

The packaging for this deodorant is your typical shape with a twist up design.  I actually like that the dispenser does not "click" because you have more control over the amount being dispensed.  And the Almond Vanilla scent is absolutely heavenly. This is not how I ever anticipated describing a deodorant!  It is not over-powering so it will not compete with any fragrance you apply during the day.  Gone are the days of  "ocean breeze" and "baby powder," this scent takes the cake.    My first thought when I smelled it was that I wanted it in a lotion form.  Well, luckily for all of us who love this scent, there is a lotion and body butter.  Sign me up.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking to upgrade your skincare routine and use products without harmful chemicals, I highly recommend checking out Nourish Organic.  They have an array of tempting scents such as Wild Berries, Lavender Mint, Tropical Coconut and more!  There is even an unscented line if you have particularly sensitive skin.  Beyond body care, there is also a facial collection with everything to keep your face feeling fresh, clean, and moisturized.  Overall I am very impressed by this brand!  See for yourself at

Happy shopping!

The Beauty Puff

*Dislaimer - This product was sent to The Beauty Puff for review. 

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