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Makeup Eraser

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The Product

The Makeup Eraser is a reusable alternative to disposable makeup wipes that is machine washable.  This type of product is not new to me, as I have reviewed a similar item you can read about here.   The Makeup Eraser retails for around $20 but can be found a few dollars cheaper with free shipping on Amazon (at the time of this post).

The cloth itself is 100% polyester.  The side without the tag has shorter fibers and is the "cleansing" side.  The side with the tag has longer fibers and is the "exfoliating" side.  It is soft and holds up well in the wash (I have washed mine twice so far as reference).

The Function

Directions for use:  Wash your Makeup Eraser prior to first use.  Using warm water, soak the cloth and remove makeup using circular motions with light pressure.  To help with eye makeup, you may choose to hold the cloth over the area to saturate and help with makeup removal.  The cloth can be used for several days until all sides have been used.  If you use waterproof mascara etc. you can pre-treat the cloth with Dawn dish soap prior to machine washing.

I follow the directions for this Makeup Eraser exactly how they are described.  I personally would throw this cloth in the wash every three days because I find that to be more sanitary.  The "cleansing" side (without tag) is soft and works very well removing makeup.  I followed up with a cotton pad/toner following use of this cloth to see if any foundation remained and nothing was there!  It did an excellent job with my face makeup.  Using the "exfoliating" side (with tag) is just as soft and definitely gives a more "deep clean" feeling than using the cleansing side alone.  I can feel a difference in touching my face after using each side.  

Once I am finished with it, I am sure to wring it out completely otherwise it is not dry within 24 hours.  Something about re-wetting a damp cloth to put on my face just doesn't seem appealing to me.  So just be sure to spend the extra 30 seconds to wring it out to remove as much excess moisture as you can.

As well as this cloth removed my face makeup, it did not entirely remove my waterproof mascara.  As stated above, I held the cloth over my eyes to saturate the area prior to rubbing in circular motions and repeated this step 2-3 times.  Short of rubbing my skin raw, I was not able to get off any more mascara using this cloth.  I actually would have preferred not to rub my eyes as much as I did because I do not want to constantly tug on the sensitive skin in that area.  As with my face, I followed with a back-up method to see the remaining product left on my eyes.  I used an Almay eye makeup remover pad and the result is what you see below.  Sorry, not a typical pretty photo, but it gets the point across.

makeup eraser eye makeup - the beauty puff

This is not unusual for this type of product, as I found similar results with the other makeup removal cloth I own.  It's just one more step, not a deal breaker. Also, the little waterproof mascara that did come off on the cloth was easily removed with the Dawn dish soap in case you wondered.

The Style

Ok, this cloth is pretty and if you're like me, you're a sucker for anything pink!  In terms of practicality though, its oblong shape is both unique and helpful.  It allows you to use it on both sides of your face at the same time if you're in a rush.  The edges are finished so I see no potential for fraying.  With long-term use I suppose staining is possible, but it would be less noticeable since the cloth itself is pink.

The Bottom Line

I really like reusable clothes to remove my makeup.  As with my previous review with this type of item, it certainly saves money on makeup remover wipes.  If you calculate how much you spend on makeup remover wipes in a typical year, compared to the cost of this cloth, you'll see the savings in just that short time.  Overall, I really like the function, style, and quality of the Makeup Eraser!

I will be doing a more in-depth comparison post on the Makeup Eraser and the other makeup removal cloth I own so stay tuned!

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Disclaimer- This product was sent to The Beauty Puff for review.

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