Kiss My Honey Lip Balm Review

Kiss My Honey Lip Balms

kiss my honey lip balms - the beauty puff
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The Product

Kiss My Honey lip balms are organic, natural, and paraben free.  Some of their natural, nourishing ingredients include: organic beeswax, organic coconut oil, organic sweet almond oil, organic unrefined shea butter, grapefruit seed extract and vitamin E.  They come in chocolate and mint.  Two of my favorites!

The Function

These lip balms apply smoothly without feeling greasy on the lips.  They are thick, nourishing and last really well.  They have no taste but have amazing smells that are not over-powering.  The chocolate, to me, has more of a noticeable scent.  The mint isn't really strong but I prefer this scent at night after I brush my teeth!

There is no visible color or tint to these lip balms.  They can be worn alone or underneath a lipstick for added moisture.  I always apply a lip balm as I start my makeup routine in preparation for lipstick, which is my last step.  This lip balm provides a smooth canvas without too much slip so my lip products apply properly.

I use a variety of lip balms and, in all honesty, not all of them are 100% natural or organic.  When I come across something that is beneficial to my skin without any harmful ingredients, it definitely gets priority!

kiss my honey lip balm - the beauty puff

The Style

The Kiss My Honey lip balms come in your typical twist-up stick style.  I LOVE their black and pink packaging. It is feminine, sleek and stylish.  These are definitely "grown-up" lip balms you can feel confident grabbing out of your purse when out and about.

The Bottom Line

If you read into Kiss My Honey on their website, you can really understand their mission as a brand and the goal of their founder, Kellie Duran.  One of the things that was important to Kellie in starting this brand, was creating a product safe for children.  As a mother myself, I really appreciate this.  Children's products can be appealing on the outside, but not always on the inside.  This is what brought me to further research and learn about what I bring home to use on and around my baby.  Now, I can certainly feel confident in the function of these products and using them around my little one!  If you are looking for a moisturizing, natural lip balm without harmful ingredients, I highly recommend you check out Kiss My Honey!

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*Disclaimer - These products were sent to The Beauty Puff for review.

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