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Products that should be safe around your little one go beyond diaper creams and baby wipes.  That's why I love that The Honest Company makes haircare, bodycare, and household products along with their baby items.  In today's Itty Bitty Puff I will show you three examples of their products that contain safe ingredients that you can enjoy in your daily routine.

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Conditioning Detangler

Children are not the only ones who get tangles in their hair as we all know.  I have used detangling spray for several years, even before I had my little one.  I personally like to use detangling spray to freshen my wavy hair.  I wash my hair every other day and sometimes on that second day, my waves looks a bit unruly.  Rather than piling on a bunch of sticky hair styling products, I use a detangling spray to smooth out my style without weighing it down.

The Honest Conditioning Detangler has a light sweet scent of orange and vanilla.  It leaves my hair feeling soft, smooth and frizz-free.  Whether I am wearing my hair wavy or straight, this spray comes in really handy.  It helps with tangles, freshens my style and tames flyaways for quick touch-ups.  As my little one's hair grows, this will come in very handy because stubborn tangles can be a bit painful to get out.  Its plant-based ingredients are safe for baby and natural oils help nourish even my dry/damaged hair. This is definitely a great multi-purpose product!

Lavender Hand Soap

This non-toxic hand soap is infused with botanicals and essential oils and is safe for the whole family.  With constant hand washing, you won't have to worry about your hands getting dry or irritated.  It comes in three scents - lavender, lemongrass and mandarin.  I personally love the calming scent of lavender.  Something about it just feels very "homey" to me.  No matter what scent you choose, the Honest hand soaps will fit into your decor with their simple, yet appealing design.

Lavender Vanilla Air & Fabric Freshener

I am used to burning candles as opposed to spraying an air freshener in my home.  Why?  I don't want to spray chemicals all over my house particularly.  Plus, the majority of what I find in stores are in aerosol sprays which I will not use around my baby.  This non-aerosol air and fabric freshener is made with essential oils.  It has no synthetic fragrances and natural zinc salts neutralize and eliminate odors.  I feel confident spraying this around the changing area in our nursery for an instant, sweet burst of freshness.  I also enjoy this scent in my living area where it can safely be sprayed on throws, pillows, or other fabrics.  If you prefer a candle, there is also an Aromatic Soy Candle in this scent!

The Honest Company offers bundles where you can mix and match 5 items every month and save up to 35%.  You can bundle household products, baby products, or even health and wellness products.  See the link below for first time customer savings!

Happy Shopping!

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