ColourPop Mondays in Malibu & Fiesta Lippie Stix

ColourPop Mondays in Malibu & Fiesta Lippie Stix

I love ColourPop Super Shock shadows.  I have 5, plus a Super Shock Blush that I have really been enjoying this spring!  When I saw ColourPop came out with a summer collection and I loved every single color in it... I had to buy it!  I also picked one of the new Lippie Stix, in Fiesta, because I hadn't tried them before.  I love light peachy pink shades and that is exactly how this color is described!  It is a cream finish with gorgeous, vibrant color.  The shadows in this collection are equally as gorgeous!

From left to right, starting with the top row:  Gecko, Hot Tamale, Mirage, Prickly Pear, Sand Swoon & Snakebite

colourpop mondays in malibu - the beauty puff

Below are the corresponding swatches:

colourpop mondays in malibu swatches - the beauty puff

Not a bad color in the bunch, if you ask me!  My favorite is Prickly Pear (bottom left) which is described as a warm plum with gold and pink glitter.  Love it!!!  I also love that they included a mix of tones and finishes in this set.  Hot Tamale and Sand Swoon are Satin Luxe finishes with subtle flecks where as the other shades are metallic/pearl finishes.  These shadows can take you from day to night in a flash.  I love unique, versatile colors to add to my collection!

If you have never owned any ColourPop shadows, you need to experience the incredible texture and color pigmentation!  Because of the unique soft texture, I have not had any fallout with any of my Super Shock shadows.  One of my favorites is called "I Heart This" which is a stunning glittery taupe.  When I posted a picture of it on Instagram I said it always looks like I have diamonds on my eyes when I wear it.  It's that gorgeous.  And still, no fallout!  Amazing.

Overall I am thrilled ColourPop came out with a set where I truly loved each and every shade.  This brand is incredibly reasonable but I still didn't want to buy a whole set if there were one or two shades I wouldn't get as much use out of.  Get ready to see these featured in many "motd's" on Instagram because they will get lots of love!  Now on to the lippie!

Fiesta - cream finish

colourpop lippie stix fiesta - the beauty puff

ColourPop has Lippie Stix in a variety of finishes and unique colors.  I had been wanting to get a nude shade but they have so many to choose from I could never make up my mind!  When this color came out I figured it was a good place to start because it wasn't identical to anything in my collection.  I love the slim design of these Lippie Stix.  It is easy to apply and also easy to find in a mix of other standard lipsticks.  

colourpop lippie stix fiesta swatch - the beauty puff

I love this shade on its own or topped with a nude gloss to make it even more versatile to coordinate with multiple looks.  I topped it with Revlon's Bellini today.. gooorgeous!  The formula is very creamy and comfortable.  Next on my wish list are: Addict (the  newest Nude shade, so pretty!), Cupid, BFF and Tipsy.  

What are your favorite ColourPop Cosmetics products?

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