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Wet n Wild Wild Shine Nail Color

wet n wild wild shine nail color - the beauty puff

Left to right: 
French White Creme, Sparked, Tickled Pink, Yo Soy

At less than $1 each, who can resist beautiful nail polishes?  I purchased these Wet n Wild polishes at my local Walmart.  There was a limited selection of shades, but I gravitate toward neutrals/pinks so I grabbed my favorites out of the bunch!  

Left to right: 
French White Creme, Sparked, Tickled Pink, Yo Soy

I think these shades will be very versatile for spring and summer! 

French White Creme -  I don't use white polish often but I needed a fresh bottle as the one I had was getting well, old.  At less than $1, the price was just right!  White polish looks very sleek on its own but I also love topping it with glitter.

Sparked - Speaking of glitter!  The picture above is 2 coats of this beautiful pink glitter.  I like fine/small glitter in polishes that spread evenly as opposed to larger/difficult to place glitter.  This polish was easy to apply and will look beautiful on top of any of these shades!

Tickled Pink - Talk about a perfect pink for spring.  This was the first shade that caught my eye of the bunch.  This is a flattering, creamy pink that will compliment a variety of looks for spring into summer.  It seems like a basic anyone would have in their collection (and I have my fair share of pinks), but for the quality and price, I couldn't pass it up!

Yo Soy - I was surprised the most by the quality of this shade.  There was absolutely no streaking in application and I applied just one generous coat for the swatch you see above.  It reminds me of Revlon's Grey Suede but with no shimmer.  The slight sheen in Grey Suede is not something you would notice at a distance and Wet n Wild's polishes are thicker/creamier.  So for the price, I would choose Yo Soy.  I love nude polishes on their own or topped with glitter.  Something about them just looks very... "polished." :)

What are your favorite drugstore nail polishes?  Leave a comment or request below!

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