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As a mom I am much more conscious of the ingredients in products I use in my household as well as in my beauty routine.  I started being more cautious particularly of nail polishes, gravitating toward those that were "3 free."  I have been looking for other ways to incorporate safer or more natural products into my routine.  I came across Vapour Beauty and was immediately intrigued not only by the quality of their organic products but also by the ease of use and style of their line.  In this post we will be looking at a Mesmerize Eye Color and Siren Lipstick by Vapour Organic Beauty!

The Products

Mesmerize Eye Color - Embrace

vapour beauty mesmerize eye color embrace - the beauty puff

Embrace is a soft peach shade that I gravitated toward because it looked to be a versatile, natural and flattering shade.  I also love the stick formula for easy application.  I prefer products that are not only beautiful, but also simplify my morning routine!

vapour beauty embrace swatch - the beauty puff

The formula of this eye color is creamy and very easy to blend.  A word of caution for those with particularly oily eye lids though, do not apply too many layers.  It does not take much of this product to achieve a flawless look, but too much and the product will crease.  I have used this eye color on its own as well as under eyeshadows, both drugstore and high end.  It works very well as a base but I really love the simplicity of this shade on its own.  With the simple addition of a midtone to warm up the crease, you have an incredibly easy, yet polished look.  Also, this eye color is infused with a botanical blend of beneficial ingredients that moisturize, sooth and refresh the delicate eye area.

Siren Lipstick - Desire

vapour beauty siren lipstick desire - the beauty puff

I fell in love with this shade the moment I saw it.  I only wear nude/light pink shades that are subtle and easy to incorporate into multiple looks.  This shade is definitely a "my lips but better" shade for me!  It can be applied in a sheer layer (left swatch) for a quick polished look but built up (right swatch) for a gorgeous rosy tone that's not too overpowering.  Right up my alley!  It is also easy enough to apply that a mirror is not necessary, perfect for a mom on the go!

vapour beauty desire swatch - the beauty puff

The formula of this lipstick is creamy and dries to a soft finish on the lips that is not sticky or drying.  It is not completely matte.  It does have a pretty sheen to it, but without any unnatural glitter or sparkle.  It wears beautifully throughout the day and when it eventually wears off, it does not leave any unflattering lines or uneven pigmentation on the lips.  It actually leaves quite a beautiful stain.  I do not need a lipstick with 24 hours of wear but I do not want to have to worry about how a lipstick looks as it wears off.  It can be quite embarrassing looking in a mirror while out and about seeing a lipstick that has worn away unevenly!  This lipstick provides a "fuss free" application and wear throughout the day without that worry.  The Siren lipsticks by Vapour Organic Beauty also feature nourishing ingredients to calm, restore and hydrate the lips.

The Style

vapour beauty mesmerize eye color embrace - the beauty puff

The packaging of these products is sleek, durable, and very travel-friendly!  The slim style is ideal for any storage you have set up, whether standing in a clear organizer or in trays in a vanity.  The packaging is made of metal, not plastic so they feel very luxurious.  I would not worry about these being thrown in a makeup bag for travel either.  Overall, these get a big thumbs up for style and packaging!

vapour beauty siren lipstick desire - the beauty puff

The Bottom Line

I am very impressed by these products from Vapour Organic Beauty.  They are beautiful, quality products made with quality ingredients - 70% organic ingredients and 30% natural mineral pigments.  Using these products will not only make you look beautiful but you can also feel confident about the quality ingredients you are incorporating into your beauty routine.  This company also sources renewable/recyclable packaging so you can feel good about every step that goes into making these products

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