Spring Eyeshadows - Purple

Spring Series - Purple Eyeshadows

bellapierre colour pop morphe brushes purple - the beauty puff

Are you ready for more colorful looks for spring?  Here are The Beauty Puff's favorite purple shadows that are sure to make your eyes pop!

bellapierre hurly burly - the beauty puff

bellapierre hurly burly - the beauty puff
Looking to ease into color for spring?  This shadow is a gorgeous glittery purple that can be sheered out for a subtle look or layered for more intensity.  

colour pop eye candy - the beauty puff

colour pop eye candy - the beauty puff

If lavender is more your style you will love this shimmery shade with pink and silver glitter.  It is beautiful in the inner corner or all over the lid for an instant, bright-eyed look.

morphe brushes es52 - the beauty puff

This purple shadow is advertised as a "muted blue-grey" but it is a vibrant, almost iridescent, purple.  It is perfect as a one shadow look but if it is too intense for you, it also looks beautiful in the outer corner for a pop of color!


bellapierre morphe brushes colour pop swatches - the beauty puff

Top left: Bellapierre Hurly Burly  Top right: Morphe Brushes ES52
Bottom: Colour Pop Eye Candy

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