Softsoap French Macaron Limited Edition Body Wash

softsoap limited edition french macaron - the beauty puff

The Product

Softsoap provides a line of affordable body washes with a variety of scents to suite just about anyone.  I was fortunate enough to find this Limited Edition French Macaron scent at my local Walmart!  The very next day my husband went back to get more and they were completely sold out.  If you ever see these limited edition scents, grab them!  They are too good to pass up!

The Function

This body wash lathers incredibly well, more than other more expensive body washes I have tried.  The formula is thick, moisturizing and soothing on the skin.  You do not need to use too much at a time, so I expect this bottle to last quite a while!

The scent of this particular version is absolutely amazing.  I love anything with vanilla and coconut so this was a no-brainer purchase for me.  The scent does not linger throughout the day, which for me is good.  I do not like soap or deodorant scents to be so overpowering that they overshadow a perfume, fragrance mist or lotion I wear during the day. 

The Style

I consider the Softsoap body wash bottle/packaging to be very "shower-friendly."  By that I mean, the bottle is easy to open and close, it dispenses product well and it is easy to hold.  I do not care for the bottles tops that simply "tilt" to open because I find they let product spill out and tend to get messy.  The Softsoap bottle has a flip top that is easy to work while holding a loofah or sponge without letting product spill everywhere.  Their overall design is simple, attractive and most importantly, functional.

The Bottom Line

The Beauty Puff loves a deal!  And this body wash definitely fits that bill!  It is a quality product for a reasonable price and there are often coupons available in Sunday papers to make it even more affordable.  The Softsoap line is easily found at drugstores, Walmart, Target etc. though I find the limited edition products to be very scarce.  If you find any, I recommend getting them before they are gone!  Happy shopping!

The Beauty Puff

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