Spring Nail Polishes - LVX, Ciate, Butter London

New Spring Nail Polishes

ciate rosebush butter london trout pout lvx lemondrop - the beauty puff

Who doesn't love new nail polish?  The Beauty Puff is here to share a few new polishes for spring that aren't your typical colors.  I love pinks and purples just as much as the next nail polish enthusiast but sometimes I want a change!  Thanks to some amazing beauty boxes and a collection of goodies from Beauty.com, I have recently been introduced to some new colors, and a couple new brands as well.  Now, on with the details!

ciate rosebush butter london trout pout lvx lemondrop - the beauty puff

From Left to Right: Ciate Rosebush over a pearly white and nude pink, Butter London Trout Pout, and LVX in Lemondrop

Ciate in Rosebush

This gorgeous glitter polish was included in the LuxePineapple Easter Egg this month!  If you want to know more about LuxePineapple, click here!  I have never tried Ciate nail polish before so as one of the many benefits of a beauty box, I was thrilled to be introduced to another brand.  I love glitter polishes (though not the removal of course) and this one looks perfect for spring.  It features hexagon shaped glitter in light pink, bright pink as well as a beautiful green with added flecks of black that add subtle detail.  Some glitter polishes apply horribly, forcing you to literally place each piece of glitter on each nail.  No thank you.  This glitter was easy to apply and can be placed over a variety of colors to make it incredibly versatile.  As shown above, a more white polish can make the colors pop while a nude pink can help it blend in a bit more.

Butter London Nail Lacquer in Trout Pout

This polish was included in the Milly Game Face Bag for Beauty.com.  I was most excited about this product because I love this shade and have nothing like it in my collection.  It is a beautiful mix of coral, pink and salmon.  It livens up your nails and can be worn in spring or summer for an eye-catching look.  The finish of Butter London polishes is amazing.  I have never had one apply poorly or unevenly on my nails.  This polish is opaque and can be applied in just one coat, but I typically apply two coats no matter what polish I wear.  If the color is too bright for you or you want to get more use out of it other times of the year, try The Beauty Puff's trick for transitioning between seasons with your nail polish!

LVX Nail Lacquer in Lemondrop

This beautiful pastel yellow was featured in this month's Boxycharm.  There were two other colors that were possible - a coral and a mint shade.  I have to say this color was not what I had hoped for but as we all know with subscription boxes, you get what you get.  I was hesitant to wear this because so many yellows can look very unflattering against my light skin.  So I did what any nail polish lover would do in an effort to test a color without totally committing - I put it on my toes.  I was pleasantly surprised that this color was not only cute but also had that effect many pastel shades do, in that it made me look "tan."  Imagine that.  It will also go with a variety of looks and not clash or stand out too much as with many brighter polishes.  All-in-all, I was pleasantly surprised by this one!

Stay tuned for more nail polish picks for spring and summer!

The Beauty Puff

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