L'oreal Sleek It Frizz Vanisher Cream

L'oreal Frizz Vanisher Cream

l'oreal sleek it frizz vanisher cream - the beauty puff

The Product

L'oreal's Frizz Vanisher Cream is a lightweight cream that protects against frizz and fly-aways for up to three days.  It is part of the Advanced Hairstyle line of products that can be found at most drugstores.  I purchased this item at my local Walmart.  No matter your hair type, you can find a product in this line that fits your style!

The Function

How I use this product - I personally wash my hair every other day so I can only attest to this product's performance for up to two days.  I have used this cream to decrease frizz on days I keep my hair wavy (I have thick, wavy hair that needs to be blow-dried in order to straighten).  I apply this cream when my hair is damp, not soaking wet just out of the shower.  I use a diffuser attachment on my blow dryer and finish my style with Tresemme Ultra Fine Mist Hairspray.

You do not need much of this product to get ultimate results.  It is light-weight, non-greasy and easy to apply.  My one complaint about this product is the smell.  It has a very strong "perfumey" smell, not the light sweet scent I personally gravitate toward.  It does dissipate as the day goes on so that's good, especially as the weather gets warmer and bugs come out!

While using this cream I noticed not only less frizz, but also more definition in my waves.  Because it does not add weight to the hair I also noticed my hair did not fall flat as much as it would normally.  I also saw an improvement in the look of my second day hair.  I found I do not have to do too much in the way of styling because my waves still look nice.  So this product has saved me time not only on the days I wash my hair, but the days I don't as well!

The Style

I love the sleek look of all the products in L'oreal's Advanced Hairstyle line.  They are attractive, simple and color coded so it is easy to find your favorite products.  I love the pump style on this frizz vanisher cream in particular.  No product gets clogged and it is easy to dispense the exact amount you need.  The bottle itself compact and easy to throw in a bag for travel.

The Bottom Line

This product retails for $3.97 at Walmart.  I personally use coupons whenever I can so I used a $1 coupon at the time of purchase.  I think it is a great value for the quality of product you are getting.  This is the first styling product from this line I have tried and I would definitely recommend it.  (I am a big fan of the shampoos and conditioners as well!)  I will definitely be purchasing more from this line in the future to review!  Happy shopping!

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