L'oreal La Palette Nude 1 and Nude 2

L'oreal La Palette Nude

l'oreal la palette nude 1 l'oreal la palette 2 - the beauty puff

The Product

The coveted palettes - L'oreal La Palette Nude 1 and Nude 2.  I was so excited for these palettes, I could not wait for a release in local stores and had to get them online.  Depending on where you get these palettes, prices range from around $15-$20 each.  Ulta has them on sale currently (at the time of this post) for buy one get one half off.  Tack on your $3.50 coupon... sold!  The Beauty Puff always looks for a deal!  This is one of those instances where I am glad I held off buying the Urban Decay Naked palettes in hopes of finding a "close enough" alternative at a lower price point.  Urban Decay is owned by L'oreal so if there was ever a drugstore brand to contend with the Naked palettes, I would choose L'oreal!

The Function

Nude 1

l'oreal la palette nude 1  - the beauty puff

l'oreal la palette nude 1 swatch - the beauty puff

Perhaps the more sought after color combination, the Nude 1 features neutrals from a smooth, creamy ivory to a rich, chocolatey brown.  It has a beautiful mix of finishes and colors for an all-in-one palette that will not have you reaching for any other shades.  This palette has all you will need to highlight, transition and bring depth to any neutral eye look.  Each shade is extremely smooth and I only noticed a bit of fallout with the darkest shade.  I had no problem getting the color intensity you see in the swatch photo except the shade all the way on the right needed to be built up a bit.

Nude 2

l'oreal la palette nude 2 - the beauty puff

l'oreal la palette nude 2 swatch - the beauty puff

I personally gravitate toward purple tones and the like as I have brown eyes.  I find these colors make my eyes pop and add color without being too "flashy."  The Nude 2 is a gorgeous combination of neutrals that has been compared to Urban Decay's Naked 3 palette due to its few rose toned colors. Once again, I am glad I held off purchasing the Naked palettes as there are many other more cost-effective options out there!  With the darker shades in this palette, as with the Nude 1, I noticed a bit of fallout but just tap off the excess and you should be all set!  Again, no issue getting these pigmented swatches, though the lightest shade on the left would be best for blending or a subtle brow bone shade as it may  not show up much on light skintones.

The Style

In terms of packaging I was pleasantly surprised at how "expensive" these palettes felt.  They were not only larger than I thought (not in a bad, clunky way) but also heavier.  The closure feels secure and I think they would travel very well.  They also have mirrors and two-sided applicators that feature a sponge tip as well as a brush.  Each shadow is generously sized so you can use a variety of different sized brushes with no problem.

The Bottom Line

I personally think these shadows can blend, wear, and perform just as well as many high-end shadows I have purchased.  In all honesty I do not remember the last time I went out of my way to purchase a drugstore eyeshadow palette.  I have received one or two as a "free gift with purchase" but I do not run out to buy them ordinarily.  However, when I saw these L'oreal palettes were going to be released I knew I wanted them!  They are at a higher price point than many other drugstore palettes but with the sale at Ulta, they were well worth the money!

Overall, I am glad I bought these palettes because they are precisely what I gravitate toward on a daily basis.  Whether I am in a rush to get ready and want an all-in-one palette or I want a seamless, polished look these palettes will definitely be a new "go to!"

Find these palettes on sale NOW at Ulta!!

Happy shopping!

The Beauty Puff


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