Laura Geller Gilded Rose

Laura Geller Gilded Rose

The Product

The Laura Geller Gilded Rose set includes a full size blush-n-highlight and lip gloss.  The blush can be used on its own or swirled together with the highlight in the center.   I personally love the effect of both colors swirled together for a radiant blush with gorgeous color!  The gloss pairs perfectly providing a sheer wash of color.  This set provides a simple, polished look perfect for any season!

laura geller blush n highlight rose starlight - the beauty puffLaura Geller lip gloss flirtini - the beauty puff

The Function

The blush - Every Laura Geller blush I own has worn beautifully throughout the day.  This blush, in Rose Starlight, is no exception!  Below, I have swatched the highlight and blushed mixed together, then each separately next to it.  Swirled together this blush/highlighter provides a healthy glow without looking glittery on the skin.  The highlight portion may be difficult to use on its own without a small brush, but I personally prefer to mix them.  You could even try using the star as an inner corner highlight for your eyes and you would get amazing color pay off.  

The gloss - This is the first gloss in this style I have tried from Laura Geller.  At first glance I thought the color may be a little dark for me, as I prefer nude or pink shades.  However, in this instance, I was glad the gloss applied a bit sheer on my lips with a hint of color.  It is smooth, not sticky and easy to apply even without a mirror.  Perfect for in a purse or makeup bag!

laura geller flirtini swatch - the beauty pufflaura geller rose starlight blush n highlight swatch - the beauty puff

The Style

Laura Geller's products are stunning.  The packaging is simple and the products speak for themselves.   When you have an amazing line, you do not need frilly packaging to draw in customers.  That is one thing I love about this brand.  Whether it is a limited edition set or a staple product from her main line, everything is sleek and beautiful.  They will always get an A+ from The Beauty Puff! 

The Bottom Line

I purchased this set during the Laura Geller Friends & Family Sale and got an amazing deal.  It ended up being 50% off the original price with free shipping!  I usually purchase Laura Geller products from Ulta but will definitely be keeping tabs on the company's website as well!  Laura Geller sets are an incredible value, I highly recommend them if you are looking for quality makeup to invest in!  Overall I am very pleased with this purchase!

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