Laura Geller Fortifying Lashes Eyelash Primer

Laura Geller Fortifying Lashes Eyelash Primer

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The Product

This lash primer is designed to not only enhance the look of your lashes, but also to protect and strengthen them.  It can be used on its own, as it is a black formula, or in conjunction with your favorite mascara.  This product is available at Ulta as well as on the Laura Geller website.

The Function

When I think of lash primers, I think of the white primers that come on double sided tubes of mascara.  That is the extent of my experience with them and it was never a good one, to be honest.  I was pleasantly surprised with this formula, however.  I love that the primer is black which not only makes this product useful all on its own, but also eliminates the need to cover a white primer on the lashes.

How I used this product - I used this lash primer in three ways: on its own, with a drugstore mascara, and with Laura Geller's GlamLASH mascara.  While using it with mascara I first applied the primer to my lower lashes, then applied mascara.  I then curled my upper lashes, applied the primer, then followed with mascara.  I probably only left about 20-30 seconds between the primer and mascara application.

I personally loved how this product performed all by itself for a one step, all-in-one lash enhancer.  It provided a smooth, clump-free application that adhered to each lash, separating and defining for ultimate results.  It not only helps your lashes look beautiful though, it has beneficial ingredients to improve them as well.  Think of it as having a styling product for your hair that not only helps it look its best, but also helps to condition and strengthen.  With the warmer months approaching I will be using waterproof mascara.  Removing it can be quite damaging to lashes so I am looking forward to using this primer in conjunction with my mascara to prevent breakage!

The Style

The brush on this wand is filled with evenly spaced bristles that grab each and every lash.  This type of wand is best for length and definition, which is exactly what this product promises.  I prefer these bristle style brushes vs. rubber brushes because I find they grip my lashes better and pick up more product.  This allows for a more efficient application to work with the product before it dries.  

The Bottom Line

If I am going to add another product to my beauty routine, I would want it to surpass the performance of something I already use or provide some sort of benefit - whether it be a time saver or something that improves the condition of my skin/hair etc.  In this case I feel I have found both.  This primer glides on for an easy, fool-proof application that also helps improve the condition of my lashes in one simple step.  I love the versatility of this product and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their lashes!  As always, happy shopping!

The Beauty Puff

*Disclaimer - This product was sent to me for review by Laura Geller.

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