It Brushes for Ulta - Precision Shadow Brush

Precision Shadow Brush #112

This shadow brush is what I would consider the "LBD" of eye brushes.  It is an absolute necessity in every woman's "beauty wardrobe!"  No matter what kind of look you are going for, this brush can help you achieve it.  A quick one shadow look?  A subtle smokey eye?  This brush has you covered.  It is a densely packed brush perfect for applying shadow precisely where you need it.

it brushes for ulta - all over shadow and precision brush - the beauty putt

All Over Shadow Brush (left)  Precision Shadow Brush (right)

I would not consider this brush as much of a multi-tasker as the All Over Shadow Brush due to its size and density.  That does not bother me though because this brush is an absolute MUST in my everyday makeup routine.  I find myself washing it constantly, which is fine because all of these brushes wash beautifully!  For in-between, quick cleansing I use Japonesque Makeup Brush Cleanser.  It works wonders and smells amazing!  I will be going more in-depth on brush cleaning in a future post.

If you are looking for one basic shadow brush that can withstand heavy usage I highly recommend you pick up this brush at your local Ulta.  Their displays allow you to see and touch the brushes for yourself (they have display brushes to "test" and touch, the ones you buy are completely packaged!).  However, I warn you.  Once you try any one of these brushes, you will go back for more!  They are so incredibly reasonable and high quality, you cannot pass them up!

Want more from this series?  Read all about the All Over Shadow Brush from this line!  Happy shopping!

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