Double-Duty Beauty - Highlighters

The Purpose

We all know highlighters can give a gorgeous glow on the cheeks.  Some are intensely pigmented while others give off a more subtle, yet unique glow.  Highlighters also serve another purpose that I love them for even more!

The Double-Duty

I love using blushes with subtle shimmer so sometimes using a highlighter on top of that can be a bit much for me.  So what do I do with my highlighters?  I love using them as eyeshadow!  The more intense highlighters are perfect for the inner corner.  I use an It Cosmetics Precision Smudger brush for my inner corner highlight.  It picks up the perfect amount of product and is the perfect size for the inner corner!  Now, on to the highlighters!

thebalm mary lou manizer - the beauty puff

First, as I'm sure many of you are familiar with, the infamous Mary-lou Manizer from theBalm.  Watch out because this one packs a punch!  This is the most intense highlighter I own so this is saved specifically for looks where I want the inner corner to pop!

wet n wild rose champagne glow - the beauty puff

Next, for a budget-friendly option, we have Wet 'n Wild's Rose Champagne Glow.  I love using this one to give a nice shimmer to matte eyeshadows.  I simply layer it on top using an It Cosmetics Precision Shadow brush.

laura geller honey lavender highlighter - the beauty puff

My absolute favorite unique highlighter has to be Laura Geller's Honey Lavender.  This is not an intense highlighter but it is so beautiful.  I just love staring at it! It has an iridescent glow with a hint of pink and lavender.  This one is so gorgeous it can be used as an eyeshadow all by itself.  This came in the Baked Stackable Macaroons set which, unfortunately is no longer available.  If you were able to get your hands on it, I highly recommend trying it as a shadow!

I hope this helped you look at your highlighter collection a little differently!  If you missed the last Double-Duty Beauty entry featuring the Real Techniques Setting brush, click here!

The Beauty Puff

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