Welcome to The Beauty Puff! 

Before we dive into the beauty world, I want to start with an introduction so you know who I am, what I love, and most of all, why I'm starting this journey. I am a wife, a mother, a creative soul and a lover of all things beauty related. I love expressing my creativity through photography and makeup, finding budget-friendly ways to expand my makeup collection, taking care of my family and feeling beautiful while doing it! I'm starting this site to share my thoughts and ideas in hopes of helping and inspiring others. I will explore everything from drugstore skincare to high-end makeup and share my budget-friendly tips along the way. One thing you will find out about me, is that I always love a good deal! Being on a budget doesn't have to mean doing without, it means doing more with what you have! So welcome to my blog, where all you need is a little shadow, a little blush – and the finishing touch, The Beauty Puff!

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