Double-Duty Beauty - Real Techniques Setting Brush

Real Techniques Setting Brush

real techniques setting brush  - the beauty puff

In The Beauty Puff's new series, Double-Duty Beauty, we will look at products that serve multiple functions.  This way, we get more bang for our beauty buck!  Today we will look at the Real Techniques Setting Brush.

real techniques setting brush  - the beauty puff

The Purpose

The Real Techniques Setting Brush is designed to pick up just the right amount of powder to set the under eye area.  It is not a densely packed brush so you are able to build product without worry of anything looking cakey or overdone.

real techniques setting brush  - the beauty puff

The Double-Duty

One of the great things about makeup brushes is that we, as artists ourselves, can use them however we wish.  In my case, I do not use a concealer that needs setting under my eyes so I have found two other uses for this brush.

Highlighting - This brush is the perfect size and density to apply powder highlighter.  You can build the intensity or apply a light layer for an effortless glow.  The Beauty Puff's favorite?  Laura Geller's French Vanilla.  Read about this and other Laura Geller Must-Haves here!

laura geller french vanilla - the beauty puff

Sweeping - Sound strange?  Well, if you have spent time on a full face of makeup only to have it ruined by fallout from your dark eyeshadow, you feel my pain.  If you keep your brush clean (they're clean sometimes right??) it is the perfect size to sweep away fallout.  It is delicate enough to pick up the loose shadow without disturbing the rest of your makeup.  Have a brush that is similar to the Setting Brush in your collection?  Try it out!

I hope you enjoyed the first entry of this new series.  Stay tuned for more Double-Duty Beauty items including eyeshadows, highlighters, makeup tools and more!

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